A Europe only release, we were real slow in getting this one released and Zipgun has hated us ever since! But it was worth the wait though, with two blistering Zipgunned tunes. Comes with a cool insert, a postcard from the band addressed to the label here in Germany. Labels designed by Joe Newton of Gas Huffer. 500 made.

Hard, in your face rock-punk, Zipgun will knock you down and leave you gasping for breath. A fair representation of the "Grunge" influence that is so prevalent in Seattle, without any loss of the punk-rock roots integrity. The vocal stylings of Robbe Clarke, the renown Neil Roger's guitar work, and the solid rhythm section of Dan Cuneen and Mark Wooten all contribute to make this band musically unshakable. Ready, willing, and able to rock your world, Zipgun is a must for music fans of all varieties. Check out their other fine singles on such labels as Thrill Jockey and Broken Rekkids. Born out of the remains of the late great Derelicts, it would also do you well to check out that bands considerable recorded legacy as well. Unfortunately, Zipgun has since followed in the Derelicts footsteps, and disbanded in 1994.


Zipgun brings their in-your-face punk to a debut full length release. Hard punk with a catchy, hooky feel, but not enough to make them sissies. Contains all their 7" tracks, some of which produced by Jack Endino. Cool full color cover of an actual 8-track player (how many of you even know what that is??) that the band found at a garage sale. CD pressed in USA and Germany, vinyl pressed only in the USA.

A promo freebie to give away at shows, this one is a one-sided single with the song "10" from their upcoming debut full length. And what a scorcher! Unprinted white labels, that has a sticker applied to the musical side. Three different el- cheapo photo-copied covers (its PUNK, man!) were designed for this by three different band members. One of the covers claims 200 pressed, Blake says 500. Either way, its a tough find!
A split single, and due to popular demand a reissue of the record that once came out on Broken Rekkids, but with a new cover. This was the Derelicts last record, and Zipgun's first. The Derelicts go out with a bang and puke out their guitarist Neil right onto the flipside! 1000 pressed.
Zipgun's first eMpTy single proper. Hard hitting, "Together Dumb" is a bit slower than expected, and shows more of a grunge incluence. The flipside "Cool In The Cell" is a bit faster with more melody. Cover designed my Gas Huffer's Joe Newton. 1000 pressed.
Their second and final long player, these Seattle bad boys are at it again with their straight ahead punk attack and alcoholic attitudes. Named "Baltimore" as an eternal reminder of an unfortunate incidence in which all their equipment was stolen from their tour bus while parked overnight outside Volker Stewart's house in Baltimore. (Volker was a co-founder of MT) CD pressed both in the USA and Germany, vinyl LP pressed only in the USA.

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