Their first release, and quick to define the Derelicts sound, with Duanne on vocals, Neil on guitar, Ian on bass and Ric on drums. One of Volker's projects before he moved on to doing Penultimate (actually, this record was co-released with Penultimate). This record is today one of the most rare of all MT releases, and came out long before the whole Seattle hype thing started. 500 copies pressed, covers printed on various colors of paper.

Hailed as the late 80's kings of punk, we bring you the Derelicts. Dwayne's graveled growl, Neil's overdriven guitars, Rick thrashing on the drums and Ian holding it all together with his thundering bass. In the early Seattle grunge days, when everyone was growing their hair and wearing love beads, the Derelicts held their punk ground, drinking and rocking down the house. They coined the "punk fueled with alcohol and hate" that made way for the Supersuckers and the Fumes, and lest we forget the 90's punk masters and successor to the punk thrown, Zipgun. Their live shows are legendary for their unpredictable inner band violence on stage and driving rock force. They became the MRR reference point for late 80's punk. Critics and fans alike measure the power of punk rock by the standards they held high. Unfortunately, they did disband (although they have done the one-off reunion show), and Neil went on to form Zipgun. Check out, if you can find them, their other releases on SubPop and Penultimate.


Like a lot of punk bands, maybe the Derelicts were not cut out to be an album band, seeing as they never got enough material together at one time to do one! As far as they got was a 12" out on Penultimate. This, their first long player is more or less collection of single tracks, both from the various MT singles, as well as tracks from other labels, samplers and the Penultimate 12" and featuring such Derelicts classics as "My Dad's a Fucking Alcoholic" and their version of "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In". Contrary to what Neil may think, this is really a great LP. You see, this record has been sort of a problem between The Derelicts and MT for many years, as Neil seems to think that it was mastered at too low of a level. Truth is, he seems to be comparing it to its sister release, on Penultimate records, the infamous "Love Machine" 12". Actually, it sounds great, and has a level comparable to any normal LP. Produced by The Derelicts, Jack Endino and Tom Price (!). Oh yeah, check out the guitar on the front cover. This same guitar used to belong to Blake, and was the one he used on the infamous Thumper recordings. Neil lost it coming home in his pickup truck from a Derelicts show, as he forgot to close the rear door and it fell out, along with all his other equipment!

The boy's second release, and one of our earlier USA pressings. Tighter and more melodic without any loss of power. In their own words "beerdrinking scumbags filled with hate". Couldn't have said it better myself. 1000 pressed.
A split single, and due to popular demand a reissue of the record that once came out on Broken Rekkids, but with a new cover. This is the Derelicts last record, and Zipgun's first. The Derelicts go out with a bang and puke out their guitarist Neil right onto the flipside! 1000 pressed.
Now that vinyl is dead and almost gone, seems to make sense to do another full length release on the new digital format, so you can all buy the same tracks yet again! More or less simply the "Beer" LP with some live tracks added and a new cover.

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