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The Safety Pins are quite simply one of the best bands in Europe today. Fast, powerful and melodic, they have everything a band needs to shine above all the rest. Coming from Spain, they have two albums out on Munster Records, as well as several singles. Consisting of Biffs on lead vocals and guitar, Martini on bass, Ricky on drums and T. Rotaflesh on guitar, they play out regularly all over Europe, both on their own and, recently, together with Sonny Vincent.


Just in time for their extended European tour together with Sonny Vincent (not as an opening band, but as his touring band), the Safety Pins come up with a nice bastard of a new album. "Shake And Spew" gives us the Full Monty - too much alcohol and drugs, a decent fuck u too Attitude, a kick into yer family jewels, a bitter grin or two and a decent measure of one night stands. Again the Safety Pins reach 100mph within seconds and strictly refuse to get lower than boiling point during the whole 26 track ride of the album. Contains the best of their two Munster albums, plus tons of unreleased and very hard to find tracks from compilation albums.