What exactly is Sadato? It may seem complicated, but Sadato is several things: Sadato is this amazing Japanese based rock-jazz- industrial band, headed by none other than their Swiss-born but Persian, five language speaking and martial arts expert lead singer, named Sadato! Sadato is also what you will find on this multi-media hybrid CD-Rom, playable on both Mac and PC systems and on your normal CD-player. Sadato is also Toshimaru Nakamura on Guitars, Masaki Shimizu on Bass and Ryo Kato on drums. Sadato is also Martin Bisi, who produced the sound, Tom Meyer who mastered it. Open up the world of Sadato on your computer and become a member of Sadato yourself!


Our second CD-Rom title, and like the first ("Romanoir" from the Merlons), this one was designed by our friends over at 4=1. What sets our titles apart from the other indie Roms out there is the professional quality of these releases, for which the whole credit must go to 4=1, who developed them. Anyway, this one is playable on both Mac and PC systems, as well as on your normal CD player. Opening it up, one is given a Japanese newspaper, which contains 15 screens. Clicking on various parts of the newspaper will open up various videos (live footage, interviews, weird film art, etc...) a weather chart with thunder, lots of sound samples from the CD music itself, info about Sadato, and lots of weird, hard effects to match the music. And yes, the music on this is definitely something special, produced by none other than Martin Bisi. Sometimes soft and quiet, then suddenly hard and experimental as only Japanese bands seem to be able to do these days, just check out their version of the Door's "Riders On The Storm"!

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