The Real Scorpions (not the fake ones, the heavy metal band from Hanover!) was a short-lived project based in Nürnberg, Germany. A two-piece comprising Ecki, who used to be in Material Pech, and Rüdiger of the Gostenhof Giants, they produced a sort of strange indie-punk-minimal sound with lots of humour. Ufo of Shiny Gnomes guest-stars as well on drums. It is hard to say if they were ever a real band, or just a project with a great idea. You see, they had their sights set on the Guiness Book of World Records; specifically as the band that has played the most concerts in one night. So on the warm summer night of May 19th, 1989, Nürnberg was treated to a total of 24 (!) different concerts in different halls and venues by the Real Scorpions. They travelled around town in their van with a well rehearsed show of only a few minutes in length. But it worked, for as far as we know, they still hold the world record!


This three song seven incher is the only documentation of this short-lived project-thing, released on the day of their historic entry into the Guiness Book Of World Records. Side A is the hilarious reggae-tinged "Lasterfahrer Vibration", a funny play on the German language about a truck driver. Side two treats us to a minimal rythmic track and a very strange "Kinder Der Zeit". 500 pressed. A historical note: this record (along with the None Of Your Business single), as a split release with Herbe Scherbe Records, led directly to the formation of Musical Tragedies.

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