Their first vinyl, a three song EP, the one that got them into trouble with their band name. One side plays at 33, the other at 45. 1500 pressed, all in black vinyl.

Kill Sybil was a five piece from Seattle; three chicks and two dicks, as they liked to say. Girl-pop reverb hell on shitty equipment, powered by Schmidt beer. They started out as "Sybil", but had to change their name after their first single to avoid legal trouble from some shitty soul singer with the same name (don't worry, MT Europe made sure she regreted ever fooling with the mighty MT Empire!). They have had a few line-up changes, but were mostly:Tammy - Vocals; J. Phillips - Drums; Leslie - Bass; Robin & Dale - Guitars. Tammy later went on to form The Executioners.


Their second release, and the first with the new band-name (boy, you would think that this name would get them into even more trouble than their old name!). Similar in style to their first record, this one is a four song EP. Pressing of 1500 copies, of which 100 are on a blue, marbled vinyl.

Finally, their first (and only!) full-length, and if you enjoyed the girl-grunge of the first two singles, you will love this record. One live track, eleven studio. Special guest vocals on one song by Stevescott Schmaljohn of Treepeople! One of the highlights of our Seattle era. CD pressed in the USA and Germany, LP only in the USA.
Well, like we have said many times before, here it is, the record most thought would never come out, claiming us as just trying to gain a little publicity. Publicity? Sure, lots of it, especially once most of the critics saw that this really was a legitimate release. Since then, scores of magazine articles and amazement, as well as cries of "bootleg!" from the jealous. Truth is, this is a legitimate release, approved personally by Cher herself. Forget the endless "tribute" records coming out, this single has got the original by Cher herself on the B-side, and the indie punk version by our very own Kill Sybil on the A side. The eighth single in our world renowned saw-blade tragedies series, full color cover by Joe Newton of Gas Huffer on the Cher side. Steve Lukather of Toto on guitar. As for Kill Sybil, this seems to be their absolute last release, as they broke up soon after recording this track. First pressing of 500 on pink vinyl, second pressing of 300 on clear.

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