Short-lived, The Executioners hailed from the fertile grounds of Seattle Washington. It is no surprise that The Executioners came from cool bands as Seattle was riddled with them. Fronted by Kill Sybil lead singer Tammy, The Executioners also feature ex-members of Nubbin, Witchy Poo, Melba Finney, and Swallow. They were an eclectic bunch that made pure power-pop from the inside out. They were not afraid of the traditional pop structure, but added a healthy dose of emotion, anger and humor. Compared to Heroin, X, Buffalo Tom, and Hole after their first show, they did not seem to last long. A much anticipated full length never seemed to materialize.


Musically, a bit different to Kill Sybil, being less punk and more moody, with lots of minor chords and soft parts. Don't worry though, there is still a good amount of hard guitars to augment the talented songwriting. This was a split release with the Executioners own label, Last Minute Records, who basically pressed the record themselves, but wanted the better distribution system of MT to get it out there. Includes insert.

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