Hammerbrain is one of those rare examples of when a label boss is glad he took the time out to listen a huge pile of horrible demo cassettes from hundreds of bands that should not even consider putting out a record yet, just to stumble across the one band that makes it all worth while! The label boss knows within the first ten seconds that yes, this is fucking great and it has to be on his label! Melodic and powerful, Hammerbrain features Paul Kostabi, New York punk scene veteran and member of fellow MT band Youth Gone Mad. Let ‘em hammer your brains out, you’ll be glad you did!
Their debut CD, and a monster it is. Fourteen songs of power and melody, everything a punk record should be! We are dead serious when we say that we think this is the best punk album, ever! Standout tracks include the title track, “Operation” and “Blanch”, but don’t believe everything we say, every song is a killer! Produced by Don Fury, known for his work with such bands as Agnostic Front, Bad Brains, among others.
This record was actually supposed to be out before the full length, but the pressing plant was too incompetent to press a few hundred records, so we had to change pressing plants. Two songs that are not on their full length, this single was also released by the band themselves, but without a cover. Limited edition of 200.
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