Die Rache was a short lived side project of Peter Schuster, who is more known under the name Tesendalo. Where Tesendalo is much more ambient oriented, Die Rache, which in English means "Revenge", catered much more to the harsh industrial electronics scene. Several cassettes on various labels around the world as well as tracks on many sampler cassettes made them an important part of the world wide cassette scene, not unlike Kopfschmerztablette, another important artist from the Nürnberg, Germany area.

This release shows Die Rache in a barrage of harsh industrial noise, not for the faint hearted! Copied onto a sixty minute cassette, this release featured thirteen tracks and printed covers and labels that were burned before being assembled.

Following an idea first realized by Doc Wör Mirran, here Die Rache offers a three minute long harsh industrial track on an endless cassette. These cassettes, invented for use in answering machines, play three minutes of sound on a continuous loop, which means they can be played practically forever. This release was limited to 50 copies, and featured a hand painted and glued collage cover.

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