Every city on this planet had their "cassette scene", several friends that recorded in their bedrooms or apartments their industrial/experimental sound collages, copied their own cassettes and traded these "releases" with their friends. Many of the worlds top experimental artists started out this way. One of the most interesting and innovative artists that the scene in Nürnberg, Germany, produced was Kopfschmerztablette, which in German means something like "headache-pill". Founded by Michael Wurzer, Kopfschmerztablette released a good dozen or so cassette-only releases as well as some tracks on various cassette and vinyl samplers in the late 1980s to early 1990s before dissapearing from the music scene. Besides his recordings under the name Kopfschmerztablette, Michael also ran a cassette label called Clockwork Tapes.

The second release on MT before disbanding, this release shows Kopfschmerztablette not quite as harsh as earlier releases and with a touch more melody. Thirteen shorter tracks on this sixty minute tape.

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Harsh electronics, nice cover art, a well thought out concept: the best aspects of the cassette scene in general and typical of the releases of Kopfschmerztablette. Nine tracks on this sixty minute cassette.