Portland's power trio that rocks the world with their own brand of melodic, emotional punk. Comic book reading, soup eating, basement dwellling musicians with a general respect for life and a love for playing. Their first MT release. Three songs, of which Jasper has to be one of their all-time best! It is everything you ever wanted in a song; melody, meaning, and above all, power. 2000 pressed.

Crackerbash was a three piece power pop punk mayhem out of Portland Oregon. Crackerbash was Ted, Scott and Sean, since inception. Crackerbash was the MT band most hounded by the major labels. They toured extensively through the USA, and as support for Girl Trouble through Europe. They were even offered a spot on the Lollapoloza roster, but turned it down and let Kill Sybil do it instead. They were asked to audition for MTV's Real World sitcom series, and also dominated the soundtrack for Mack Dawg's "Upping The Ante" snow boarding video. They released a split 7" with Jawbox that came out on Simple Machines. Also of merit is their addition to the unfortunately defunct Sub>Pop Singles club series. Unfortunately, soon after coming back from their European tour, they decided to call it a day. They will be missed. Sean later formed Junion High, while Ted and Scott went on to Satan's Pilgrims.


Our Oregon cousins are back with 7 new hits. After too many "over produced college rock" references to their debut LP they've succeded in capturing the essence of their raw, loud, sweaty and energy-packed live shows on LP, with the help of Mr. Kurt Bloch. Here is the first recording that the boys are happy with. 10" pressed in the USA, 2000 pressed. Includes large b&w poster. CD pressed in both USA and Germany, which are identical except the label print, both of which are yellow and blue, but printed differently.

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Debut long player by the Northwests' most talked about band. Melodic, morose, moody, a masterpiece from the band that holds integrity sacred. Stripped down and noisy, Crackerbash is showing itself to be developing into a musical force to be reckoned with. Different bonus track each on vinyl and CD version. Vinyl pressed only in the USA. CD pressed both in the USA and Germany. German CD has blue label printing, American version yellow and black.