Controlled Bleeding
For the one or two of you uninitiated, Controlled Bleeding were one of the most well-known of all experimental bands. Compising Paul Lemos, Joe Papa and Chris Moriarty throughout their entire career, they pioneered the early cassette scene with their harsh industrial noise. Soon though they began to change their style, and entered what was to be their ambient phase, which they released mostly as LPs on many fine experimental labels, such as Dossier and Sub Rosa. Later they became more dance oriented, with some 12" dance mixes on Wax Trax. As indie labels began releasing mostly CDs, many of their early releases were rereleased with bonus tracks and remixed, so they have literally many dozens of releases under their belts. Some of their last recordings mix a little bit of everything into a strange Zappaesque sort of experiment, with lots of fast paced edits and collages. They seem to have gone into retirement these days, but every now and then the odd release sees the light of day.


Part seven in our on-going series of saw-blade shaped vinyl singles. The CB track is off their part of the CD of the same name. The DWM side is exclusive to this release. Both are loud, experimental, and made to be played at maximum volume. First pressing of 500 on multi-colored vinyl, second pressing of 500 on clear.

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A full length CD, this is a split release with several tracks by both Controlled Bleeding and Doc Wör Mirran. CB check in on their half with some brand new recordings, exclusive to this release, that is a bit like Zappa on speed, with lots of fast paced edits and some nice vocal work. One song even has a sort of reggae beat to it. DWM offer as well new, exclusive tracks, with their usual amount of humor and garage-ness. Each band has their own cover that features their own artwork for this release. A limited, numbered edition was made in a double CD box with 50 hand-painted blank CDs..