In 1979 Agent Orange first came to attention with their recording of “Bloodstains”, which gained notice when the group’s then managers, two twin female dwarves, presented KROQ radio station, Pasadena, d.j. Rodney Bingenheimer with a demo cassette which immediately became one of his show’s biggest hits. Besides having Mike Palm and Scott Miller as original members, Steve Soto was the power trio’s first bass player, the one who played on the first “Bloodstains”. He later left the band to form the Adolescents. With new member James Levesque on bass, the group found their way to the famous “darkness” sessions at Brian Elliot recording studio (Elliot is most known for having composed Madonna’s hit “Papa Don’t Preach”). The result of these sessions was their first long player, the classic “Living In Darkness”, as well as a single and one or two bonus tracks that later surfaced on some E.P.s. Agent Orange has had an enormous influence on the punk and hardcore scene, being one of the first bands to pioneer what would later be known as the skate-punk or skate-core scene. Their song “Bloodstains” has evolved a life of its own, being one of the most covered of all punk songs. The Spermbirds, Offspring, Sator, L7, Glu Gun and Live Action Pussy Show are just a some of the bands that have covered this classic.


Here it is, their legendary first album, and an absolute classic in the punk scene. They have done many records since this one for other labels, but don’t be fooled, this is their masterpiece! Originally released by Posh Boy in November 1981, this new version is another in our series of re-releases of classic early Posh Boy bands and contains as bonus tracks the four songs from their first, self-released 7” EP “Bored With You”. This album was basically recorded live in the studio in three short sessions in September 1981. Half of the songs were songs from Agent Orange’s live set, the other half were made up in the studio during the sessions! “A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad” was the only song recorded totally unrehearsed, and this version was the first time they ever played the song all the way through from start to finish. It took them another five years to get around to recording “This Is The Voice”, released by Enigma/Restless, their follow up to this album. Booklet contains tons of rare photos, liner notes by Mike Palm himself, and all lyrics.

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