Bloodstains simply has to be one of the most famous, and most covered, punk songs of all time. Originally from Agent Orange, where it appeared on their first, self released 7" as well as on their first album "Living In Darkness" on Posh Boy (re-released on eMpTy as MT-316), it ended up being probably the most played song on Rodney Bingenheimer's "Rodney on the ROQ" radio show for many years. At one point it occured to us that so many bands have played this song, it would be something different for once to have a sampler with all the same song! Besides the ten songs on our record, many other bands have also played this song, most notably The Offspring.



  1. Agent Orange - Bloodstains
  2. Sator - Bloodstains
  3. White Flag - Bloodstains
  4. L7 - Bloodstains
  5. Trace Element - Bloodstains
  6. Spermbirds - Bloodstains
  7. Live Action Pussy Show - Bloodstains
  8. Glue Gun - Bloodstains
  9. Gigantor - Bloodstains
  10. Lowlife - Bloodstains

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A tribute to the greatest punk song of all time, Agent Orang's "Bloodstains", featuring ten bands and their often quite different versions of the same song! Compare the original by Agent Orange (who are the first band on the record), with the Beatlesque sounding version from White Flag, the low-fi dirge version of Lowlife or a spirited live version from L7. The vinyl is limited to 500 on (what else!) red vinyl, and features a specially prepared cover (not for vegetarians!).