Forming in 1976 and emerging in the now legendary "summer of 77" The ZEROS were one of the first young punk bands to put out a single in southern California. That time also saw the emergence of X, The GO GOs and the DILS from the Los Angeles area. Originaly hailing from San Diego the ZEROS would drive up to LA every weekend to gig or hang out, becoming staples at the fabled Masque club. The band became known as the mexicam Ramones because of their fast playing and pop sensibilities. In 1977 they waxed 2 singles for BOMP records including "WIMP", most recently covered by the HOODOO GURUS among others, and “Beat your heart out” covered by the MUFFS. The rare WIMP/Dont Push Me Around single now carries a price tag of $150 if you can find it. The band boke up in 1981 after touring to Austin Texas and to New York City where they wowed crowds at CBGBs and Max's Kansas City, jamming with Patti Smith in San Francisco, on lou reed's “Waitin for the man” and Opening for the Clash on their first tour of America. Getting back together to do a benifit for local rock writer and guitarist for the bags Craig Lee in 1991 the band was approached to do a single for Sympathy and one for Gassatanka. The positive reaction convinced the band to record their first studio full length record, “Knockin Me Dead”. Released in 1995 the record recieved four stars in Tower records Pulse magazine which said the band sounded "vital as ever". Tours of Spain, Sweden, Germany, France followed, then the boys drifted apart again, with Robert to tour the world and please millions performing as his alter ego EL VEZ, Javier to Rock out Touring Spain and Scandanavia with Chariot, a band consisting of members of White Flag and the Posies. The Zeros are:Javier Escovedo: Guitar Vocals, Robert Lopez: Guitar Vocals, Baba Chenelle: Drums Vocals, Hector Penalosa: Bass Vocals


The Zeros are back with a new record! Right Now! is a punk-pop masterpiece, including songs like “Tonight” and the title track that were in the set list in 1978 but were never recorded before now. Favorite songs of the band and live staples are also featured, like Johnny Thunder's “Chatterbox” and the Seeds “Pushin Too Hard”. This record is true to the roots and spirit of the movement the Zeros helped pioneer; The founding of American Punk Rock.

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