Our distributors:

Our distributor in Germany is Indigo, so anyone wanting to buy our titles on a wholesale basis should contact them directly.

Sonic Rendezvous is our distributor for the Benelux area.

If you are into our earlier cassette releases (and judging from the mails we get from people looking for our tapes, there are a lot of you out there!), then check out the homepage of our friends BBP Records and Tapes, who carry many of these releases.


Fanzines and e-zines:

Plastic Bomb is Germany's coolest punk fanzine!

Actually, Trust is just as cool!

For true punkrawk, check out Germany's cool Enough e-fanzine.

Run Amok is a great punk and hardcore e-zine. A nice and easy to navigate layout as well as reviews and news in both English and German means you have no excuse for not checking it out.

An amazing homepage devoted to experimental music can be found at Yield, which contains literally hundreds of links to bands, labels, magazines, basically everyone having anything to do with experimental music. Indispensable.

Gebrauchte Musik is an Augsburg based on-line magazine dedicated to the world of home-recording

Caustic Truths is a cool magazine from across the big pond.


Labels & mailorders:

Sudden Death Records is the new label run by Joey of D.O.A. Besides D.O.A. releases and several of their own signings (cool bands like Dog Eat Dogma, d.b.s., The Real McKenzies), they also have pressed a few of our titles (Sham 69, The Damned) for the North American market.

Munster Records is a cool punk and garage label out of Spain, specializing in vinyl releases by some of your favorite artists.

A cool punk mailorder seems to be the folks over at Power It Up.

Years ago Musical Tragedies licensed a score of releases from Toxic Shock Records. They have since changed their company name to Westworld, but are still around, and have a very nice new homepage. From their homepage you can link up to the homepages of both Skin Yard and Jack Endino.

Doc Wör Mirran once released a great 7" on Sympathy For The Record Industry called "Ugloids". Check out their homepage!

Doc Wör Mirran's first album "Severe Pig", as well as their 3LP Boxset "Odds, Sods & Dirtclods" were released by RRRecords. They are one of the leading industrial labels in the United States, but they still don't have a fax machine!

Yucca Tree Records is the label belonging to Diledadafish, who are good friends of Doc Wör Mirran.

Our buddies over at TUG Records just got their new homepage up and running.

Last but not least, check out Stickman Records, the best German label run by an American (and a German) offering music from Norway!

For those of you looking for the old Merlons catalog, Shadowplay, a fine Russian label, has licensed our Merlons catalog and has begun re-releasing the entire catalog again, including many hard to find tracks such as the Salamander EP as well as the Eluoami bonus CD.



M.A.D. has an amazing roster of bands that they bring to Germany and Europe on tour.


Bands (for our bands not yet with their own band-page):

Dread Zeppelin have an amazing homepage where you can order all kinds of exclusive Dread Zeppelin recordings and merchandise, as well as join their fanclub.

Friends of DWM are De Farbriek.

Klaus Cornfield's homepage is back on-line.



A great gallery in Berlin is the Zero Gallery.



Our friend Johnny has got a great homepage devoted to poetry and short story writing. Check it out at inditecircle.



OK, lets get serious here: forget Mexican beer or Chinese beer, and especially all those horrible "microbrewery" beers out of the United States. Yes, it does sound arrogant, but the truth is that the best beer in the world comes out of the part of Germany around Nürnberg, an area known as "Frankonia". Fact: there are more breweries on the average per square kilometer in Frankonia than in any other part of the world! So, next time you find yourself near Nürnberg, be sure to visit our buddy Bernd, who sells all the best beers you could ever hope to try. He has got a homepage up and running called "Getraenkeliefern" where you can check out the various brands he has in stock. You can buy it in returnable bottles or kegs, and besides beer, you can also rent beer tables and benches from him in case you are planning a party. And the best part is, he delivers it to you for free!

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