The Fartz were not only one of the USA's first hardcore bands, but also one of Seattle's first punk bands, period. They existed long before anyone had ever used the word "grunge" in connection with the city of Seattle. Their first releases, "Because This Fuckin' World Stinks" 7 inch in '81, and the classic "World Full of Hate" 12 inch in '82, came out on Alternative Tenctacles. The band consisted of Blaine Cook on vocals, who later went on to sing for the Accused, Duff McKagan on drums, now famous as the bass player in Guns & Roses, as well as Steve on bass, Tommy Hansen and Paul Solger, both on guitar, and Loud on drums. In 1999 Alternative Tentacles rereleased the entire Fartz catalog on CD and LP, and to celebrate the occasion, the Fartz reformed, playing a few shows in the Seattle area!


Long after they split and became legends, Blaine, by now well known as the singer of the Accused, collected the songs for this release, a collection of demos and compilation tracks (some of which apparently were released under the band name "Ten Minute Warning"). Snotty as hell, this is early American HC at its best. 1000 were pressed in Germany on clear vinyl with a red and black cover. 1000 in the USA on black vinyl, with a black and white cover, and with different label designs which incorrectly say "eMpTy Records", instead of "Musical Tragedies". Long out of print, these songs have since been rereleased by the fine people over at Alternative Tentacles, so don't miss what might be your last chance to hear these legendary recordings!.

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