Wanna send us a demo?

Generally, we welcome artists sending us demos. However, lets get one thing clear from the very beginning: the chance that we will want to do your release is very very small. If that still doesnít deter you, then at least pay attention to the following guidelines which will at least give you a good chance that we will listen to your demo:

1. Please send only CD or CD-R demos. We will not bother with cassettes nor open MP3 attachments on e-mails. The worst thing to do is to ask us to go to your homepage and dig up your MP3s! Donít do that!

2. Sending us practice room recordings together with a letter saying that IF you could go into a good studio, these songs would be really killer just does not make a good impression.

3. Donít bother sending us heavy metal, rap, cross-over, jazz, blues or top 40 sounding pop.

4. Please donít bombard us with e-mails asking what we think. If we want to do it, we will contact you. If you donít hear from us, that means no.

5. An over-paid major label executive once said that he knows within the first ten seconds when listening to a demo if it even comes into question. This is one of the few things anyone from such a label has ever said that I can relate to. What this means then is that you should be sure to put your absolute best song on the beginning of your demo.

6. We generally release punk and experimental (however you want to define them), as well as historical recordings and sometimes rock. We like humorous things as well. But even then, there are certain things that we look for. If it is punk, is it not only powerful, but also melodic? If it is experimental, is it just aimless noise or is it music? Does the band play live a lot? Are they easy to work with, or do they have unrealistic expectations (are they going to hold it against us when they realize that they arenít rich punk rock stars?). Does the artist already have a following? Does the artist have some great idea he is offering us, something that is simply so ingenious that we canít turn it down? These are the kinds of things that go through our minds when we listen to a demo.

7. Include written info on your band, but keep it brief. We wonít bother reading book-length infos on your band.

8. Include a photo.

If, after reading all this, you still want to send us your demo, then send it to:

Joseph Raimond

Spitzwiesenstr. 50

90765 FŁrth Germany

Good luck!

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