d.b.s. (make sure to write the letters small!) was a young band out of North Vancouver, Canada, and were signed over there to D.O.A.ís label Sudden Death Records. As 18 year old punk rock phenoms, this band has been together since they were 13. In between high school and lots of homework, they still managed many North American tours, one European tour as support for D.O.A., as well as three full length albums and numerable singles before finally breaking up.

As the opening act for D.O.A. on their spring 1998 European tour, d.b.s. amazed us all with their style of tight and powerful hard-core punk. This EP was released to coincide with that tour. Two songs by each band, one each from their respective eMpTy albums and one each exclusive to this release. Cool yellow and red splattered vinyl, 1000 pressed.

The third album by North Vancouver's shit-kicken'-est punk's. This incredible band has been blasting it out 5 years, and touring North America when they're not in high school. Power punk, straight edge, emo- core, all tags that show just how useless such tags are, because this band just plain rocks! Features a cool, deluxe open up, full color cardboard cover.
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