Zillo is one of the longest running indie mags in Germany. They started out as a little fanzine type of thing centered around what most people refer to as "dark wave" or "death rock". Over the years they gradually increased their printing runs, and at one point began with full-color covers. Today they are almost a "glossy" mag, and although they now report on all kinds of indie music, they still retain that "death rock" touch to them.


Back in the days before every glossy music magazine seemed to come with a free CD, Musical Tragedies pressed up this little vinyl seven-incher for the German indie mag Zillo, which was sent free to subscribers of the mag. Featuring two Musical Tragedies artists (Skinner Box and Carson Sage), one from Houses In Motion (Asylum) and one from Danse Macabre (Das Ich), each artists presents tracks from their respective new albums. Cover art by Doc Wör Mirran. Free way back in 1992, today it is a highly sought collectors item! 4000 pressed.


  1. Asylum - Real Life
  2. Skinner Box - Whisper Parade
  3. Carson Sage & the Black Riders - Red Is The Rose
  4. Das Ich - Jericho

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