This one is a promo only, one song, one sided single we did to promote the "Jumble" album, one of several such singles we did with several of our artists in the early 90s. Doesn't have a cover. Only 300 pressed. Collectable. Cult. Cool.

Tristan and the Rosewood are one of the highlights of the Nürnberg, Germany area music scene. Having been together for so many years in their original line-up, they consist of Peter Kern on organ and vocals, his brother Haensel on drums, Robin on guitar and Matthias on bass. Their specialty is organ and twangy guitar based 60s sounding rock. In fact, they sound so much like they must come from some California garage in the year 1966 that you would have trouble placing them over twenty years later in the cold, rainy city of Nürnberg. Couple that with an incredible ability to write catchy songs, a great stage show, and the artistic ability of Peter (just check out those fantastic covers, wow!), and you can see why they are so popular. Besides these releases, they also have an LP on Herbe Scherbe.


Their second full length after their first LP on Herbe Scherbe, this THE classic Tristan album, with such amazing tracks like "Beam Me Down", "SKAndalous Affair" and "Graveyard Lovers". An amazing cover as well which unfortunately just can't be even remotely appreciated with our small reproduction here. Sylvia Juncosa, who also plays guitar on three tracks, co-produced the album together with "Thee Strecker" and Tristan.

One Primevals live track coupled with one track off of Tristan's second LP (actually, the same song as on the promo single, duh). Both bands fit together perfectly with their respective brands of garage rock and roll. Cool comic cover by Peter Kern of Tristan. 500 pressed.
Their third full length, and their first and only CD. As usual, features an amazing cover by Peter, which can be folded out into a poster. More garage than their "Jumble" LP, and probably not quite such a classic as that LP (but lets admit it, it would be hard to top "Jumble"), but there are still a few Tristan classics on this album, including "Tristan Beat", "Depression" and "Rumour". By the way, what the fuck is a "Frood"?

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