When one thinks of Seattle, what musical cliché comes to mind? Well, forget about grunge and flannel, because here is the Tiny Hat Orchestra, Seattles most innovative ten member band (most of which are horn players!). Featuring the antics of lead singer and front-man Rudy Yuly, who also wrote most of their material, they play everything from big band, to rock and country, it is all here, brought together into a Tiny Hat stew that one could loosely describe as "Experimental Ska". Unfortunately, they disbanded in the fall of 1994.

Their third and final release, this is the most dark and melancholy of all their releases. It is also one of the strangest of all MT releases. You see, the band pressed this themselves in the USA. We were going to press and release this in Germany as well (with a different song order) to coincide with an eventual European tour, but the band then suddenly broke up, leaving the band's US pressed version as the only examples of this MT release. Although an EFA number is printed on the label (along with all the MT catalog numbers, our LC#, and our address), it never was in EFA, and along with the Merlon's "Utopia" bonus CD, is the only Musical Tragedies release without our logo. Due to the fact that we did not press it here, it was also never offered for sale in Europe, was not in our mailorder catalog, and therefor is likely one of the hardest to find of all MT CDs. It was released in October 1993, in what we assume to be a pressing of 1000 copies.

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The tiny guys do it again on this fine release, which was actually their debut on MT. Beautiful playing, snappy arrangements, wonderful cover, this record has something for everyone. A bit more serious and darker than their earlier recordings (documented on Put A Hat On It), it was a stepping stone to their even more serious brand of Ska that characterized their last material. Released early 1993, the band also pressed this one themselves for the American market (not as an MT release though), with a few extra tracks from the Put A Hat On It sessions.
Although this CD was released in October 1993, it is actually considered to be their first record, as it was recorded before Noon At Nine. Unlike their other recordings, which the band presses themselves for the American market, this one was released in the USA only as a cassette (not as an MT release). Features their ealier, more upbeat material, and once again, wonderful cover graphics done by Rudy, himself a gifted graphic designer. As with all their recordings, heaps of horns, mixed together with lots of various styles, no wonder this record got such great reviews!