T.S.O.L., also known as True Sounds Of Liberty, has gone through more line-ups, ups and downs and record labels than almost any other punk band. Starting out, they were a good example of Southern California punk, hailing from the Los Angeles area and coming from the same scene that brought us the likes of Black Flag, the Minutemen, and Agent Orange. They started out on Posh Boy, but later released records on Alternative Tentacles, Triple X, and Restless. Later in their career, members left, until only Mike Roche remained from the original lineup. By this time they were on Restless, sounded totally mainstream rock, and toured as support to Guns And Roses! Soon after, Roche himself left, and TSOL was now without one original member. While this version of TSOL continued, the four original members reformed, thus resulting in two TSOLs at the same time! As Roche no longer had the rights to the name, the original band members were forced to use only their last names as the band name, even though they were the ones who were the real TSOL! Luckily, with the Guns and Roses sounding TSOL having long since split up, the real TSOL, with original members intact, is today again an active punk band, touring and with a new recording contract with Nitro Records.


Another fine collaboration between MT and Posh Boy, this release features the original T.S.O.L. line-up, with the early yet greatest and most well known of all TSOL material. The cover art is taken from their 7" single "Weathered Statues" which came out so long ago on Alternative Tentacles. This CD features that single, the early Posh Boy releases, as well as three unreleased songs from their first demo from 1980! Produced by Robbie Fields, who also wrote the liner notes. Two versions of this CD exist. The first (on Musical Tragedies) came with a black and light blue cover, but had a printing mistake on the cover. The second, corrected, pressing has a red and black cover, and is on eMpTy. Posh Boy later sold this album to Nitro, who re-released most of these tracks.

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