TFL stands for "Totally Fucking Lit", and in this case we are refering to a hardcore foursome out of Spokane, Washington, that gave Seattle grunge a run for their money in the early 1990's. They seem to have only produced this one single on eMpTy, which is too bad, because this band really had the balls to get somewhere. Jon years later resurfaced with a new band, The Flies.


Sometimes refered to as "I'm In Style" (the first song on this EP, duh!), this is one of the earliest records we released through our then fledgling Seattle office. Five songs on this fine 7"er that mix classic US style hardcore with a bit of metal and a lot crust, the singer sounding sometimes even very similar to El Duce of the Mentors! 500 pressed, some with yellowish covers, some on blue paper.

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