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Based out of Berlin, these guys have been around for ages, some of their members going on to such bands as Die Ärzte and Die Tote Hosen. One of the first bands in Germany to produce what later many like to refer to as "funpunk". But don't let that tag scare you, because these guys can be as punk as anyone! Just give CÄPT 'N SUURBIER, (the singer with the toy guitar and over-all Suurbier boss), BUGS SUURBIER (drums), HONKYTONK SUURBIER (bass) and TEX SUURBIER (lead guitarist kinda bloke) a chance!!! And while your at it, don't forget to track down a copy of their 12" on Weser Label (but be sure to buy our Suurbiers record first!).


Their first release in oh-so-many years, this is a great new studio recording of their classic "Möpse", a song that asks why everyone is always staring at the singer's girlfriend's, um, well, BOOBS! This track is so fun and melodic, it is destined to become a German punk rock party classic! Three other new tracks make this a great introduction to this legendary band, and will give everyone a taste of what is coming on their upcoming album.