A three song single, the title track is a powerful rockish punk track with a great hook. A good indication of things to come. All three tracks later appeared on their Musical Tragedies CD "The Songs All Sound The Same". 1000 pressed, 100 of which are on a deep red vinyl.

Originally from Tucson, Arizona, the Supersuckers relocated to Seattle in the late 1980s. Comprising Dancing Eagle (aka Dan Seigal) on drums, Ron Heathman on guitar, Eddie Spaghetti on bass and vocals and Dan Bolton, also on guitar, their early sound was based on punk with a healthy dose of Motorhead and AC/DC thrown in for good measure. They did several singles on various labels before signing with Sub<Pop, where they have released numerous albums since. They are still sport a very rock oriented sound, but have branched out musically quite a bit, to the point of even releasing a country album.


A collection of various singles, and although this was their first CD release, this can't be considered their first true album, which came out soon after on Sub<Pop. Eleven tracks, containing the entire eMpTy single (MT-135), their Sympathy For The Record Industry EPs, their Lucky 7", plus three unreleased tracks. Supersuckers versions of Madonna's "Burnin' Up" and Nazareth's "Razzmanazz" make this an album worth hunting down! A promo version of the album was also produced that had a different, black and white cover and no tray card.

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