Probably the only band out there who could rival Poison Idea in terms of sheer weight, Sloppy Seconds hails from Indianapolis, and play very melodic pop-punk with such philosophical lyrical content like "I Don't Wanna Be A Homosexual", "Why Don't Lesbians Love Me?" and "You Got a Great Body, But Your Record Collection Sucks". Their early releases had Steve Sloppy on drums, B.A. on vocals, Shazam Bo'Bajam on bass, and Danny Roadkill handling guitar, but they have since had several line-up changes. Their first single they released themselves on "Alternative Testicles" records, which followed with several singles and their all time classic album "Destroyed" on Toxic Shock, although the album has since been re-released several times on various labels. They have also put out other releases on Triple X, Taang, Metal Blade and most recently Nitro Records


Their first full-length release, and perhaps their all-time classic album, with such memorable Sloppy hits as "I Don't Wanna Be A Homosexual", "Come Back Traci", "Germany" and their incredible version of John Denver's "Leaving On A Jet Plane". This was the first co-release between MT and Toxic Shock. A vinyl version of the LP was also available on Toxic Shock only. The cover is a great parody of the famous Kiss "Destroyer" album cover. Also, on the inside of the CD is a picture of two of the Sloppy guys with Ace Frehley of Kiss, who is holding the Sloppy Seconds album cover! Cool! All CDs were pressed in the USA, in a total edition of 1846 copies. This album was later re-released in various versions on various labels, including a very nice picture disc.

This fine single features ex-Misfit Bobby Steele on guitar, playing on "Where Eagles Dare", an old Misfits song. On the B-side we have "Ice Cream Man". The CD also contains the complete "Germany" EP, and has a black and light blue printed cover, of which 1000 were made. The vinyl version was a pressing of 1000 on red vinyl, and 500 on black. The CD was released later, on September 21st, 1992. In the USA the vinyl single was pressed as well by Roadkill Records with the same cover, but different color cover and vinyl.
Two songs from their debut album plus two unreleased tracks make up this four song E.P. The first edition of this little record was actually first released on Herbe Scherbe Records before Musical Tragedies existed, with two different covers. The MT version of 500 singles is actually the second pressing, with a yellow and black printed cover instead of the original photocopied cover.

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