Frank Sinatra

If ever there was an artist that defined the term “entertainer”, Frank Sinatra would have to be that artist. Literally a superstar most of his life, he produced dozens of hits throughout his career. Extremely talented as a vocalist, Sinatra was very respected in the jazz and big band scene of the 1950’s, for which he was an important part, before going more mainstream and becoming one of the world’s first artists to appeal to millions of young, screaming teenage girls.He was born on Dec. 12th, 1915 and grew up with many of his fans, who followed him throughout his career. Later in his life he became a well established part of the Las Vegas entertainment circuit. Frank Sinatra died on May 15th 1998


The eighteenth in our series of saw-blade shaped vinyl singles, on this single ol’ blue eyes himself offers us a meddly of “Summertime”, “It Ain’t Necessarily So” and “Bess, Oh Where’s my Bess”. On the flipside we have the Erlangener band !KAAK! offering their version of “Summertime”. 500 pressed on brown vinyl.
After his saw-blade release, Frank “ol’ blue eyes” Sinatra returns to MT for his first full length release. Recorded early in his career, this 74 minute, 28 song CD contains mostly radio recordings of many of his biggest earlier hits, digitally remastered for optimum sound quality. Features special quest appearances by Judy Garland, Bing Crosby and Glenn Miller. 12 page booklet with comprehensive liner notes by Geoff Horgan.

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