Eugene and Martin on vocals, Jem on bass, Pete Saunders on keyboards, Simon Charterton on drums, and the one and only Terry Edwards on guitar, Serious Drinking were one of the first bands to produce a mixture of ska and punk. They have got several other records out, most on Worker's Playtime, who have come up with the coolest description of the band we have yet come across: " the London Punk/Ska band that proved you don't have to be a dick head to enjoy football, girls and excessive drinking".


This three song 7" is dedicated to the Donkey Jacket, with the title track a punk track in the classic '77 vein that all you old-schoolers out there are sure to appreciate. Side two features the strange "Ditch", as well as the real gem of this release, "Red Sky Over Wembley", a wonderfully melodic track that might just be the coolest thing this band ever did.

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