One of the earliest eMpTy signings, S.A.D. came from the Stuttgart, Germany area, and originally stood for "Search And Destroy", when they had two lead singers, Apostel and Micha, and the bassist Roman, all three of which left in 1987 and were replaced by Mike on vocals and Hammi on bass. The guitarist Andi and the drummer Highner were the two constants in the band. This second version of S.A.D. stood then for "Second Anorexical Disease", and where much more speed metal influenced than the first incarnation, who were the prototypical peace punks, complete with images of Reagan on their record cover and songs against vivisection. Both versions were great though, so try to find their records if you get the chance.


Here, the new line-up performs demo versions of a few of the tracks off the ealier 7" as well as some of the tracks that would later make it onto their LP.

This is one of the earliest ever MT records, the debut release from this Stuttgart area band. Six peace punk, big hair tracks against Reagan, Vivisection and other cool things you would expect from a politically correct crusty band. 500 pressed.
Their one and only album, this was also one of the very first ever vinyl LPs that MT put out. Fifteen fast and furious tracks with gruff vocals and heavy guitars from this long-gone Stuttgart area band. 500 pressed.

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