Yes, that's Rikk Agnew in the black t-shirt with his partner-in-crime Scott Hoogland (ex-Mechanics) peering over his shoulder. Rikk has played with countless acts in Orange County over the years, including death rockers Christian Death, as well as the Adolescents, the punk band that put Orange County on the map. Poop was unfortunately a short lived band, having recorded just the three songs on their one and only EP release.

This three song 7" is a co-release with Posh Boy, and contains the only three tracks ever recorded by this short-lived band. "Desecration Generation" on the A side is a monster of a track, and deserved more exposure than what a 7" EP can achieve (although it does appear on Rikk's sampler "Smash Demos Vol. II). Worth tracking down for this song alone. Only 500 pressed.

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