The best thing that ever came out of Florida, the Pink Lincolns have been around, off-again-on-again, in one form or another, since the early 1980s. The core seems to be their amazing vocalist Chris Barrows and all around musician Dorsey Martin, who has been at one time or another the Pink Lincolns guitarist, drummer or bassist. They have done several albums of their brand of snotty punk rock, most on Stiff Pole Records, all of which are highly recommended.
This little one sided, without a cover, two song single was given away free to help promote the "Headache" album. Two of the highlights from their album, this record, only 300 of which were pressed, is one of the hardest to find of all the Pink Lincoln's considerable catalog.
Their second album, contains a fantastic version of Elton John's "Saturday Nights Alright", plus 12 other fast melodic snotty punk rock classics. On pink vinyl of course, includes booklet with photos and lyrics. The cover by the way is Chris Barrows, from a film he was in where he played a zombie. 500 pressed.
Their classic first album, with their patented snot faced punk rock sound, our version is a re-release for the German market, but with a different cover. Unfortunately, the pressing plant screwed up and pressed the record with the labels slated for the "Headache" album, even though they had the correct labels for this album. A sticker was added to the label explaining the mix up. Only 300 of this record were ever pressed by MT, all on pink vinyl, making it the hardest to find of the three different versions of this album (a third pressing, both as a CD and LP, with yet another cover, was released later by Stiff Pole Records).

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