Pansy Division

Probably the first openly gay rock band, Pansy Division has probably done more to tear down barriers in the music scene than any other band. Where else are you going to find a band that sings openly about boys fucking boys, with song titles like "For Those About To Suck Cock, We Salute You", "James Bondage" and "Cocksucker Club". Formed by Jon Ginoli in San Francisco in 1991, he originally performed solo under the name Pansy Division, but quickly realized that an all-gay band was more what he was looking for. He found bass player Chris Freeman pretty quickly, but it was the drummer that was a problem, going through eleven of them so far! They have played an amazing amount of shows, and even opened for Green Day on their Dookie tour. Their half dozen albums, on both Lookout and AT, are highly recommended. They also have released many singles on labels all over the world.

Two songs about boys going out with boys, boys having sex with boys, even including pictures of naked boys. What more could a gay boy want? The title track is a cover of a Prince song, the B-side, "Strip You Down" is an original. 1000 pressed?

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