This three piece band was, next to Doc Wör Mirran, the best known and admired industrial/experimental band to come out of the greater Nürnberg area. Comprising Adrian, his brother Constantin as well as Peter Schuster, known for his work under the name Tesendalo, they gave several concerts in the Nürnberg area in the late 1980s, releases several cassette only releases on various labels as well as their one LP on eMpTy Records, before disbanding around 1990 or so. What does the name mean? We are not too sure, but it has something to do with the former Romanian Communist Party.

This cassette-only album was released years after the band split up, compiled from the vast vaults of unreleased PCR material. A C-60 cassette, these six tracks contain more of the mellow industrial sound that they were known for, but with less of the guitar influence.

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This concept album is the only vinyl release this Nürnberg band ever released, and is based upon an obscure story by H.G. Wells. Musically, these nine tracks are somewhere between soft industrial and guitar based new wave. Worth tracking down.