Mr. Ebu dedicates his activities to psychedelic art. Formerly known and unknown as "Schmertz der Welten" and founder of the punkrockband "Die Traktor", he has worked together with De Fabriek, M. Nomized, Mr. Moto, Doc Wör Mirran etc. He participated in the SciFi-persiflage-film "Raumschiff Shuttledance", contributed many texts to the book "Musik und Rebellion" (Tilsner Verlag) and established the music-magazie "INTRO" for the area of Frankfurt/Germany in 1994. Mr. Ebu released 3 fulltime-CDs on several labels, 1 split-12"-LP with "Doc Wör Mirran" and landed with 11 mostly exclusive tracks on several international CD- and vinyl-compilations since 1997. Now he runs a digital-recording-studio with his brother, is a member of the editorial staff of the online-portal "Maingold.Com", as well as continuing to run his label "Ebus Music" and... works on further tracks for further releases.


This is a vinyl only album of the concert that both artists performed together in Nuernberg, Germany on January 26th, 2003. Much more experimental than most material by these artists, this album features a handmade cover and is limited to 200, numbered copies. Mr. Ebu performs here as a solo act, one very long track divided into several subsections that is almost hypnotic. DWM here is a two-piece with original members Joseph B. Raimond and Adrian Gormley, performing live versions of such DWM greats as "Wish You Weren't Here" and "Himeola".

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One of many fine Mr. Ebu releases, this seven track CD only release is a fine example of the experimental/pop/industrial mixture that defines the Mr. Ebu sound. A split release between Marginal Talent, Montsalvat and EBUS Music.