In the last twenty years, Billy Liesegang has ended up becoming one of the modern rock scene's most successful studio musicians, having worked with and appearing on albums from such noted artists as John Wetton, Gary Glitter, Rod Stewart, Bruce Dickenson, Trevor Horn, Jack Bruce and he recently even played on the German boy-group Echt's first album! But Billy is most well known as the guitarist for Nina Hagen's band, having toured extensively with her and appearing on all her albums in the 1980's, as well as producing much of her work. He also has his hand in producing other artists, having produced an album for old school punkers The Vibrators.


The first solo CD from Billy and his band, aptly named "Liesegang". Besides writing most of the tracks, Billy also plays guitar, bass and keyboards. Vocals are handled by none other than John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia, U.K., Uriah Heep, among many many others), Glenn Hughs (Deep Purple), and Tony Lawrence. Guest keyboards by Zeus B. Held (Birth Control as well as producer of Gary Numan's hit "Cars"). Sixteen tracks of bombastic hard rock, not only for fans of melodic hard rock, but also for fans of both Wetton and Hughes, both of which offer here some of their finest vocal performances to date! Includes deluxe, eye boggling "magic eye image" cover.

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