Hot on the trails of Musical Tragedies´ success with J.B.O., a sampler was put out to cement the idea in the public´s head that if you want funny party music, Musical Tragedies was the label to go to.



  1. Tankwart - Ein bischen Spaß muß sein
  2. Swinging Erudites - Living Off My Hair
  3. Donald Dark - Dschinghis Khan
  4. Vicky Vomit - Jeanette hat Pickel
  5. Randalica - Liebe auffem Rücksitz
  6. Biba & Die Butzemänner - Arme Sau
  7. 4 Blonde Nonnen - Mama
  8. Dread Zeppelin - Unchained Melody
  9. Heinz - Sado Maso
  10. Atzes Welt - Der Nippel
  11. Tankwart - Una Paloma Blanca
  12. Randalica - Tote auffe Tanzfläche
  13. Vicky Vomit - Arbeitslos & Spaß dabei
  14. Steinschlag - Morgenlatte
  15. J.B.O. - Ace Of Spades
  16. Heinz - Suse liebe Suse
  17. Schließmuskel - Hold Me, Love Me
  18. Dread Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

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The best party bands at the time are featured on this sampler, featuring both MT bands like Schließmuskel, Dread Zeppelin and Donald Dark, as well as many other party bands from other labels like Randalica, Atzes Welt and Vicky Vomit (who by the way shared the same problem with Sony as MT did, as Vicky Vomit also put out an album he called "Kuschel Punk"). A funny comic book cover and booklet by Klaus Cornfield makes this a fun release all around.