Fitgerald Kusz & Chris Beier

Fitzgerald Kusz is Nürnberg's number one literary export, having authored several books and theatre plays, including "Schweig, Bub", Nürnberg's longest running and most well known play, having been staged over 1000 times! In book form, this play has been translated into all major European languages. He writes almost exclusively in the local Frankonian dialect, resulting in a large local following and lots of head scratching from foreigners. On the side he enjoys musical endevours, including being the lead singer in a local blues band.

Chris Beier is one of the more prominent Nürnberg area musicians, well known all over Germany in the Jazz scene for his exception talent on the keyboard. Earning his living as a music teacher, Chris is a very versatile musician, easily comfortable in both pop and jazz.

This is a purely solo effort by Chris Beier in the purest sense of the word; a full length album of ten tracks, all composed by Chris and all featuring Chris' flowing piano. In fact, there is nothing else but piano on this release: no drums, no guitars, no vocals. The stark simplicity of the arrangements bring Chris' sense of melody and his talent for composition to the fore, and is a recommended release for all those who enjoy experimental keyboard music.
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The debut musical release from Fitzgerald Kusz, here he teams up with noted Nürnberg area jazzer Chris Beier to produce an amazingly light, poppy and intensely intelegent work. Musically, this can sort of be classified as a sort of "Neue Deutsche Welle" sounding work, with lots of minimal synth sounds, beeps and burps, and funny Frankonian dialect German text, including such gems as "Rolloo", "Keeskoung" and the title track. Thirteen tracks in all that even those not familiar with the Frankonian dialect can enjoy.