Knuddelpunk is our sampler series devoted to the punk rock love song (sung in German). Or, as Big Black put it, songs about fucking. Whatever way you want to look at it. So the next time you and your spikey haired, leather clad honey have a few minutes to yourselves between bumming change in front of the train station and the HC show tonight at the JUZ, just put on one of these slabs of romantic punk mayhem.

Reviews of these records were usually hilarious, and just show how little humour most in the punk scene have. One magazine, who will remain namelss in order to protect the ridiculous, actually believes that we conducted market surveys for this record!

Unfortunately, big business is run on greed, not love, which we found out the hard way, when a huge, multinational company decided they did not like the original title of our sampler series, Kuschelpunk. For a sobering dose of just what this company is capable of, all in the name of "kuschel" and "love", check out our page devoted to, yes, "Kuschelpunk"!



Part one in the series devoted to the punk rock love song, and one of the most successful eMpTy records ever! Contains virtually all the most important bands from the German punk scene, plus a large number of unknown bands as well. 21 tracks in all. A thick booklet written by the bands, with true stories of how they lost their virginity makes this one of the most unique punk samplers out there.


  1. Das Ding - Das Leben Ist Gemein
  2. Spass Dabei - Alles Nur Worte
  3. Terrorgruppe - Ich Schlafe Mit Mir Selbst
  4. Die Dikkimannz - Komm Zu Mir
  5. Schließmuskel - Der Kuß
  6. Tarnfarbe - Feuchte Träume
  7. Human Hamster Hybrids - Eine Neue Liebe Ist Wie Ein Neues Leben
  8. Die Toten Hosen - Und So Weiter
  9. Härter Bis Wolkig - Einsam
  10. Krank - Elektrisch
  11. Die Traktor - Poppen
  12. Die Frohlix - Beim Ersten Mal
  13. Hass - Bleib Weg
  14. Vollrausch - Dicke Titten
  15. Die Suicides - Es Ist Vorbei
  16. Donald Dark - Schlaf Mit Mir
  17. Rudolfs Rache - Verraten
  18. The Bates - Der Einsame
  19. Abgestorbene Gerhirhälften - Auch Wir, Du und Ich
  20. Atemnot - Lusternde Nonnen
  21. Gostenhof Giants - Hein und Karl


The second installment in the series, this one is a vinyl only, picture disc LP. It contains the more, um, "x-rated" songs that were deemed too explicit for the CD, which, lets face it, after extensive "market research", was made more for the masses. Here we have such classics as Die Kassierer's masterpiece "Mach Die Titten Frei, Ich Will Wichsen", Brassknuckles' "Kraul Mir Den Sack" and Eisenpimmel's "Nur Die Liebe Zählt", songs in which the lyrics are so poetical, that you will want to sit through hours of German lessons in order to be able to understand them!


  1. Tunnelangst - Nullhundertneunzig
  2. Brassknuckles - Kraul Mir Den Sack
  3. Eisenpimmel - Nur Die Liebe Zählt
  4. Live Action Pussy Show - Paul
  5. Planlos - Verdammt, Ich Lieb' Dich
  6. Kalte Krieger - Saufen, Ficken, Randalieren
  7. Fuckin' Faces - Kranke Liebe
  8. Allgemeines Chaos Kommando - Sex Tötet Liebe
  9. Der Durstige Mann - Mein Kleines Herzchen
  10. Public Toys - Rocky
  11. Kehlköpfen - Zwei
  12. Die Kassierer - Mach Die Titten Frei, Ich Will Wichsen
  13. Part Time Punx - S.O.S.
  14. Kört Horn - Love Song
  15. Die Lebenden Zwangsjacken - Mädchen Mit Den Roten Locken
  16. Das Untergangs Kommando - Emmanuelle
  17. Dekadenz - Keine Ahnung

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