!KAAK!, like many bands who have released albums on Musical Tragedies, is a veteran band from the university town of Erlangen in Germany. They have been around for several years, having released their debut CD “do Ya Ding” themselves. They do a mixture of jazz (complete with clarinets and sax!), punk, indie and just about everything else, not sounding too unlike the Minutemen with a heavy dose of sax and Zappa added to the mix. Complicated arrangements from first class musicians takes them far beyond the realms of ordinary pop music, into the spheres of serious music that must be experienced on a much more concentrated and deeper level. Comprising Pointy on guitar and vocals, Gerhard on clarinet and sax, Holger on bass and vocals, and Holger #2 on drums and vocals, they were a fine, very energetic live band. Unfortunately, they split up a matter of months after their "Comdedy" album on Musical Tragedies. Since then, Pointy has released a solo CD.

Their second CD, their first for MT, this release documents perfectly their unique brand of jazzed up indie rock punk. Lots of stop and start arrangements, weird and experimental at times, then with nice romantic passages, one can really immerse oneself into this release, hearing new things with every listen. Stand-out tracks include "Underwear", "Naked" Beautiful full color booklet throughout, complete with all lyrics and lots of photos, a picture disc CD, no expense has been spared on this release! 100 of the CDs were prepared as a limited edition, with a rainbow colored strip of sand paper glued to the top of the box, that matches the cover.

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The eighteenth in our series of saw-blade shaped vinyl singles, on this single ol’ blue eyes himself offers us a meddly of “Summertime”, “It Ain’t Necessarily So” and “Bess, Oh Where’s my Bess”. On the flipside we have !KAAK! offering their own version of “Summertime”, different fromt their version on their "Comedy" album. 500 pressed on brown vinyl.