Hullabaloo was a grungy, loud, tuneless, fucked up and yet one of the greatest of all bands on MT. They existed for years in many configurations, but their trademark blaring trumpets, overly distorted guitar and gruff vocals remained intact through all their incarnations. Always controvertial, it seems as if every release they did in some way was insulting to someone and got us in trouble, either with their cover art or musically. Besides their three MT releases, the have also put stuff out on Toxic Shock as well as C/Z. Their home base was Boston, but they toured extensively through the USA, as well as having done a tour through Euope.
Their first MT release, and one of our co-releases with Toxic Shock, this was released in April 1991 and contains such Hullabaloo classics as "Drink To Get Drunk" and their version of the Deep Purple hit "Highway Star". Includes a guest appearance of Mr. Horribly Charred Infant on guitar! The CD version also contains the "Beat Until Stiff " LP from Toxic Shock. Also, the covers of the CD and LP are different in that the CD was made in the USA, and therefor is somewhat censored, with the Hullabaloo lettering covering all the interesting organs. On the LP, pressed in Germany, all organs are intact and in plain view. Some of the LPs were censored at a later time as well, with triangles cut out of the covers, resulting in our famous "Penis Per Post" action, where anyone who got the censored LP version could get the penis back by sending MT some pornography. It was amazing how many porno mags and videos came in the mail!
This one is actually more of a mini-CD, released in October 1992 to coincide with their European tour. Anyone who correctly guesses who the model is on the cover wins a lawsuit on behalf of the Benetton Corporation. This release is recommended if only for the fact that it has got the most fucked up version ever recorded of AC/DC's "Back In Black", making the original sound like it was recorded by Simon And Garfunkel. There are two versions of this CD, one in a normal jewel box cover, the other in a cardboard sleeve. The jewel box version was actually a mistake on the part of the pressing plant, and although it was not to be sold, some were anyway, therefor making it the rare version.
Once again getting us into trouble (in ways we would rather not elaborate on at this point!), this one is a collection of old tracks put together by their old guitarist Sluggo. Contains their long out of print self released first mini LP, as well as several unreleased tracks, sampler tracks, and as a special bonus, cover versions of Ace Frehley, Toots & The Maytals, AC/DC and Judas Priest done in the Hullabaloo style we have all come to know and love. Note: some copies of this release were packaged together as a double CD with the "United Colors Of..." mini CD, as well as the tour diary printed in OX magazine.

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