The Hickoids specialize in a mixture of wacko country and punk, what has come to be know as (what else?) HARDCORN! Comprising Wade Driver on drums and vocals, Dick Hays on bass, piano and flugel horn, Davy Jones (not the Davy Jones of Monkees fame, we promise!) on guitars and Jeff Smith on lead vocals.


Believe me, no other band in the world has the talent to write a song like "Corn Foo Fighting". You also get the Hickoids version of Elvis' "Burin' Love", plus other classics like "Vittles" and "Hee Haw". This CD is a compilation sort of release, comprising their "Hard Corn" EP plus their two full length vinyl albums "We're In It For The Corn" and "Waltz Across Dress Texas", a total of 28 tracks in all. Co-released with Westworld.

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