Gypsy - rarely was a performer so aptly named. Born to wander, trouble his companion. Mystical, flamboyant, Gypsy picks up the mantle of the rock here and transforms it for a new age. He is a scorching heavy rock singer, his songs have a message for the young people of today and with his band Gypsy Nation he is adding spectacular modern sound technology to classic, riffin’ rock. In the summer of ‘92, after his band Tilt had split, Gypsy met producer Zeus B. Held (formerly keyboarder for Birth Control, and producer of many popular bands since, like Transvision Vamp and Gary Numan. Remember the hit “Cars”?) and formed Gypsy Nation. An added touch of German techno power gives Gypsy Nation’s music such a contemporary, edgy sound, raising the beat factor and launching Gypsy’s rocket fuelled guitar into computer space. The wanderer is stirring again too: even before the album was finished , Gypsy was back on the road, for the sheer buzz of performing. The rest is future history.


The second release on our Manifest label, and a very special one indeed. This is Gypsy Nation’s debut release, fourteen tracks of their unique brand of what one could call “crossover”. We don’t mean that dumb macho rap/metal stuff either, for this has a bit of everything mixed in: heavy guitars (from none other than Kaz of Skunk Anansie and Billy Liesegang of the Nina Hagen band), lots of scratching and heavy bongo rhythms, computer techno and rap, it is all here. The songs, Gypsy says, “are for the radicals. I’ve met some wonderful poets here in London, and for all the people who are politically conscious”. Songs like “Promise Me”, which is about “Integrity and truth. I really believe that if we had a righteous attitude to promises and truth like the American Indians have (Gypsy is of Indian descent!), there would be more compassion and belief in the world”.

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