Glü Gun (or Glue Gun), simply a great band out of the fertile (for music) Southern California region. Comprising Bob Oedy - Vocals, Pete Newbury - Bass, Jeff Roberts - Guitar, Chris Long - Guitar, and Jeff Edwards - Drums, this is powerful, melodic, Southern California style hardcore punk. They are a new generation of Ami hard-core punk that grew up listening to the older wave of Posh Boy bands like TSOL and Agent Orange.


Their first full length, and another of our co-releases with Posh Boy. So-cal hardcore at its best, melodic, powerful, with good lyrics. Agent Orange's Mike Palm guests on one track. Some of you might be familiar with singer Bob Oedy, as he also often does the Southern California scene reports for MRR. Also released by Posh Boy in the USA, with slightly different cover graphics.

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