As Girl Trouble themselves like to say, “We may not be the hardest working band, but we are the hardest band to work with”. Well,, trying to organize their European tour in 1993 helped prove that point. All jokes aside though, Girl Trouble are an institution, and it is an honor to have worked with them. Comprising Dale on bass, Kahuna on guitar, the amazing female drummer Bon, and the huge, scary looking singer Kurt, this Tacoma, Washington state band has been in existence for over ten years now. They have released records on many labels, from SubPop to Pop Llama to Sympathy For The Record Industry. They also publish their own Girl Trouble news letter. And musically? Well, they are sort of a sixties sounding twangly guitar combo with a touch of influence from what I would think of as cheesy monster movies, if that makes any sense! Their records are very special, and we recommend checking out all their releases, not just those on MT.
Their first and only real long player on MT, this is a classic record. Taking influences ranging from the British invasion to garage and punk, they tap into the true roots of rock ‘n’ roll. Totally swinging fuzz garage punk in the true Northwestern form. Take Elvis, the Sonics, Johnny Cash and ‘57 Chev dragged screaming into the 90’s and you’ll have an idea what’s in store for you. Pressed both in Germany and the USA (but with different label designs), LP pressed only in the USA.
The first Girl Trouble release on MT was this two song single from 1992. A tribute of sorts to Granny GoGo, at 82 the worlds oldest working gogo dancer! “Work That Crowd” features the granny herself on spoken vocals, the B-side, “Granny’s Pad” is a fuzzed out instrumental. Full color sleeve featuring Granny GoGo herself, 1000 pressed.
Sometimes referred to as "Live At The Empty Bottle", this live CD was released in October 1993 to coincide with the Girl Trouble/Crackerbash 1993 European tour. Released only in Europe, this has since become a hot collectors item in the USA. A mini CD of sorts, this features 5 hotly played, excellently recorded tunes (and lots of in-between-song chatter) from a show in Chicago, Illinois sometime in 1993.

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