Genossen was one of the early eMpTy signings, a band that might have been the least likely band to have ever released a record on eMpTy. You see, the then MT "house band" Thumper did a show in a squated house in Stuttgart, Germany, with the Genossen, who also came from that area. Thumper's guitarist, Blake, who was in the US Army at that time, almost got into a fist-fight with the singer of the Genossen, who was much more in the leftist camp and did not seem to like doing a show with a band that included a GI. Half a year later Thumper did a show at the Kunstverein in Nürnberg, and ended up supporting the Genossen. Turns out that the Genossen did not seem to remember the incident in Stuttgart, and in fact both bands did a great show and a friendship developed, which naturally resulted in their eMpTy vinyl debut.
After a cassette release or two the Genossen finally got their debut vinyl out on eMpTy. This six song 7" EP perfectly captures their politically motivated German hardcore. Limited edition of 500 copies.

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