Welcome to the Doc Wör Mirran Internet Gallery, devoted to presenting exhibitions of art and graphics by persons associated with the art-group Doc Wör Mirran. Like any other gallery space, we will attempt to change the exhibitions a few times per year, as well as expand the gallery to accommodate various exhibitions that will run concurrently. Although catalogs of the exhibitions will not be produced, one is free to download and print any of the works presented here free of charge. Also, many of the works shown in this space will later be released as graphic files on various Doc Wör Mirran CD-Rs released on Doc Wör Mirran's own label "Hand-made". For a complete list of all available DWM releases, please send us an e-mail or write in care of MT.

Current Exhibitions:

Conrad Schnitzler


Joseph B. Raimond

The "Daily Plop" Series, 2004


Dee Dee Ramone


Paul Kostabi


Dee Dee Ramone & Paul Kostabi







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