Joseph B. Raimond

The "Daily Plop" Series


This new series, painted in 2004, is part of an extensive and on-going series of works, a few hundred of which are produced each year and which are an extension of and inspired by two earlier series of works, the original "Plop Art" series from the mid-1980s which comprised several hundred small black ink blot drawings, as well as the second "Plop Art" series, from the early 1990s, which comprised a few dozen large acrylic paintings on paper. In this case, the works are painted into old calender pages that I found, hence the title. All works are ink, watercolor, acrylic and spay paint on paper, glued onto A4 size cardstock. All were painted in Fürth, Germany. This series comprises almost three hundred works, all of which will eventually be released on a CD-r release someday.



















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