John Frusciante

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are world superstars today, and John Frusciante played a major part in this achievement. He was the guitar player on their biggest hits, including “Give It Away Now” and “Under The Bridge”. He then decided to go his own way, and released his first solo album on American Recordings. Now, years later, he has rejoined the Chilli Peppers, and this, the most successful incarnation of this great band, is ready to again conquer the world.


This is John’s second album, following his debut on American Recordings. It is a very personal album, more of a work of art than another installment in the world of music business entertainment. Its seventeen songs are stark, to the point without any frills, not unlike the legendary work of Syd Barrett or the Plastic Ono Band album by John Lennon. Many of the songs are comprised of only guitar and John’s voice, strong and uncompromising. An artistic statement from an artist that goes beyond the artistic boundaries and restrictions imposed by the music industry. Licensed from Birdman Records.




















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