Everyone who has ever been a Flipper fan and has seen them live has their own favorite story about the band. What about the time in the early 1980s when they did a show at the On Broadway in San Francisco. For some reason singer Bruce Loose did not feel like getting on the stage, so their entire show consisted of Will Shatter going into elaborate detail on the stage of the dream he had the night before, while drummer Steve DePace and guitarist Ted Falconi beat up their guitars with drumsticks.This went on until the owner of the club came on the stage and told everyone to go home, the show was over. A week or so later at the Mab they played a strong, very tight set of all their hits. Masking Tapes co-founder Volker Stewart even jumped onto the stage and sang the chorus of "Ha Ha Ha" with Bruce. Hard to believe this was the same band. Years later, after the death of original basist Will Shatter on December 12th, 1987 of a heroin overdose, Flipper did a European tour with new basist John Dougherty (who himself overdosed ten years later, on Halloween 1997). It was their Nürnberg show that was taped by Musical Tragedies for release as an official live LP. We will spare you the details of what transpired before and after the show. Still, Flipper is one of the more influential bands that came out of the San Francisco punk scene in the late 1970s, inspiring many new bands with their dirge sound and personal lyrics. Even Rick Rubin, founder of the label Def American, was a huge Flipper fan, which is why he signed them to his major distributed label for their comeback LP "American Graphishy" (don't believe me? Check out his early band Hose, who released a 7" and an LP which sound very much like Flipper. Hard to believe that the person who played guitar on that Hose 7" would later become a world-famous producer!!!). Even techno star Moby once was a brief member of Flipper, playing guitar for them on at least one of their shows. Today they seem to have drifted apart, the surviving members living in various cities in California. Still, their debut album "Generic Flipper" is a punk masterpiece, a record every punk should own.


Recorded live at the Trust in Nürnberg on September 15th, 1991, this official live album contains all the early Flipper hits, including "Love Canal", "Sexbomb", and "Life". We left all the funny between-song talking on the record, things like Bruce Loose telling John not to play any of the new songs, they were just too good for the live LP we were recording, so they were only going to give us their "old shit". Back cover art by Bruce Loose. 1000 pressed.

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